"In their latest performance the Horsham Symphony Orchestra demonstrated why they are becoming known as one of Britain’s finest amateur orchestras."

Welcome to the Horsham Symphony Orchestra web site!

Here you will find details of past and forthcoming concerts of this enterprising and musical orchestra which performs three times a year in The Capitol, Horsham.

Latest News!!!


Today HSO had a wonderful workshop day with the hugely talented Adriano Adewale.  Adriano spent two sessions that really gave all those who attended a keen insight not only into the compositional process, but also into each other.  It is so difficult sometimes when playing in an Orchestra to get to know much about your fellow musicians, because you are normally busy playing your instrument, today was different. With Adriano encouraging us to talk to each other on how and why we first got interested in playing a musical instrument.

This was followed by an extended session where he broke down the rhythm of the Samba into its constituent parts, assigning different aspects of the rhythm to a group of us to clap out, not as easy as it sounds.  This was then combined into an ensemble clapping session to bring all of the rhythms together.  This was further embellished by doing a similar exercise using our own instruments in a way that was pretty much akin to 'on the fly' composing, with each ensemble choosing how they wanted to play the notes of the rhythm, thus producing different interpretations between ensembles.  Both challenging and huge fun it gave a real insight into composing and interpretation.

The final exercise involved printed music, much more in our comfort zone, of a Brazilian folk tune arranged into 3 parts.  The comfort was to be short lived, as we were split into 3 groups and encouraged to decide which part to play, how to interpret that part, whether to play all of it, or to change parts half way through, in short, this was arranging on the fly. Again, it was challenging and even more fun.  Each of the 3 groups then came back into rehearsal to play their interpretation for the rest of us.  This ended what was a very unique session for all of us that had left us all feeling like we had just made a new and valuable friend, and also added to our collective musical knowledge.

The HSO is delighted to have been chosen for the 2016/2017 Adopt a Composer scheme and will be working with the talented Adriano Adewale. Click here for more details.

Some History

The HSO is 45 years old and has an interesting history. Past musical directors include Charles Hazlewood, Paul Hoskins, and Benjamin Pope, but the orchestra is most fortunate now to be conducted by the fabulous Steve Dummer.

Most concerts sell out except for a few seats right at the back, so please contact us early to avoid disappointment! Why not join our mailing list so that we can let you know when tickets go on sale? Or obtain priority booking by joining our Friends of the Orchestra scheme?

Lastly, we have recently started a new all-comers orchestra called "H2O" to give local people an opportunity to play with like-minded musicians in a fun and friendly atmosphere.  H2O is open to all ages and abilities but our preferred minimum standard is equivalent to about Grade 5.  However, the most important attribute is enthusiasm! See here for more details.

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