Membership of the HSO committee is ratified by vote at the Annual General Meeting. The current committee consists of the following:

  • Chairman - Neil Pye (double bass)
  • Secretary - James Torry (violin)
  • Treasurer - Andrew Meredith (clarinet)
  • Librarian - Nicky Richards (violin)
  • Ticket Secretary - Fiona Corbett-Clark (viola)
  • Concert Manager - Francis Poon (violin)
  • Social Secretary - Stephanie Pendlebury (violin)
  • Membership Secretary - Rebecca Furth (bassoon)
  • H20 Representative - Stephanie Pendlebury (horn)
  • Webmaster - Gary Copnall (French Horn)
  • Publicity Officer - Anna Jarvis (violin)

There are also many many people, not all members of the orchestra, who kindly donate their time and expertise to keeping the HSO running smoothly. For this the committee and orchestra is immensely grateful!

The committee use a Dropbox folder to share and manage all HSO documents, and a (private) Google group to coordinate all communication.

To contact the committee, please email