Concert brief

Late Announcements

Please check this website and your email on the day of the concert in case of any late announcements.


The rehearsal on the day and concert are both at The Capitol, North Street, Horsham, 01403 750220.


The main parking available is opposite The Capitol in the Council offices pay & display. There is an afternoon charge and an evening charge at this car park. We have been assured that we won’t receive fines in the afternoon of the concert if the rehearsal finishes late and we exceed the maximum 3 hour ticket time - but leave a note in your windscreen.

There is also parking available in the BT offices behind the Capitol. To get to this come past the station and take the first small entrance off to the left. There is an afternoon charge but no evening charge at this car park.

Otherwise there are general purpose car parks in Swan Walk, Piries Place, and Denne Road.

Access to the building

Access is always via the stage door or screen dock door at the back of the building. Please do not go in the front entrance.

Rehearsal on the day

Attendance at the final rehearsal is mandatory. If you have problems on the day, please contact your section leader and your section fixer.

Please remember to bring a music stand.


Music is collected in boxes in the corridor and dressing rooms backstage. Please put any music not required for the concert in the boxes in the afternoon, and ensure that all music is returned after the concert.

Refreshments before the concert

The nearest place is the Black Jug pub, just across the road (and to the left) from the Capitol. There is also a Chinese restaurant next door, and a many many Italian restaurants in town only a few minutes walk away (keep walking in the same direction). Light refreshments are generally available in the foyer of The Capitol.

Concert dress

  • For men: DJ trousers with black shirt and black long tie (no jacket).
  • For women: All black, with long sleeves, and either skirt or trousers.

Please ensure it is smart as our audience notices!

On stage

Please be ready back stage 10 minutes before the start of the concert at the latest.

Dressing rooms back stage are labeled, and we can also use the Green Room for instrument cases.

Please go on stage in the order required for sitting. So violins first, then lower strings, then horns, flutes followed by lower woodwind. Move swiftly and professionally. For the audience, the occasion begins as soon as they see us.

Please be ready to stand when the conductor comes on stage (watch the leader), and turn to face the audience.

The tech crew will need to lower the safety curtain in the interval. It comes down in the middle of the strings so please be ready to help move and reset the chairs and stands.

Be back stage ready to start the second half promptly. Use the pass door – either knock (there is usually someone the other side), or come through with one of the people who have a pass (usually members of the committee plus some willing helpers). Do not go over the stage.

Please follow the leader off stage at the end. He or she may be reluctant to take an additional bow and it looks a little confused if some of us stand and others don’t.

Put away your instrument and only return to pick up stands, tidy up etc once the audience have left the auditorium.

Refreshments afterwards

And finally, please join us for a drink in the bar after the concert!